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Active components
The unique formula of ALERANA® shampoo contains a combination of active components to increase hair volume, breadth and density, to improve hair nourishment and texture, and to contribute to hair growth and thickness.

It is recommended for increasing the hair volume, breadth and density of thinned limp hair. 

  • stimulates cell metabolism in hair follicles
  • improves hair nourishment and makes hair stronger
  • renders stable hair volume while enhancing its natural elasticity
  • improves hair texture, increases density, contributes to hair thickness raising

The shampoo contains

  • plant-based hair growth stimulant with its effectiveness proven by clinical studies
  • activated proteins providing stable hair volume
  • peptide complex for hair texture improvement, diameter and density increase


Bottle, 250 ml

  •  Procapil is a combination of vitaminized matricin, apigenin and oleanolic acid for hair strengthening and loss prevention. Procapil® intensifies blood microcirculation in head skin, improves hair root nourishment, stimulates cell metabolism in hair follicles, makes hair growth more active

*Procapil® is the property of Sederma, and it is used according to Sederma's permission.

  • Activated proteins provide stable hair volume. While enhancing natural hair elasticity they increase root volume. They also render hair smoothness and shine while not making hair heavier
  • The peptide complex improves hair texture and increases hair density. It repairs deep damages of hair structure, makes thinned hair stems denser, increases hairs' diameter. Contributes to thickness, increases hair volume.

Apply on wet hair, whip to foam, massage, and distribute throughout hair full length. Leave for 3 minutes, then wash off with warm water. To achieve maximum result, use shampoo regularly. Suitable for long-term application. After application, it is recommended to use ALERANA® rinser balsam or hair mask.