ALERANA® Shampoo for men Daily care
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Active components
The unique formula of ALERANA® Daily Care has been developed by specialists of VERTEX Pharmaceutical Company for daily care of limp hair. Specially tailored complex of natural components tone up head skin, strengthens natural protection and prevents hair loss. 

Recommended for strengthening men's limp hair. Specific features of men's head skin structure were taken into consideration for the purpose of this shampoo development.
  • improves root nourishment, saturating hair follicles with oxygen 
  • normalizes the function of sebaceous glands 
  • prevents dandruff onset 
  • tones up and freshens head skin 
  • provides long-term clean hair effect 
The shampoo contains  
  • enhanced complex of natural growth stimulants
  • extracts normalising the function of sebaceous glands and preventing dandruff onset 
  • active components making head skin healthier 
Bottle, 250 ml

  • Niacinamide
  • burdock extract
  • tea tree oil
  • sage extract
  • witch hazel extract
Apply on wet hair, whip to foam, massage, and distribute throughout hair full length. Leave for 3 minutes, then wash off with warm water. To achieve maximum result, use shampoo regularly. Suitable for long-term application. After application, it is recommended to use ALERANA® rinser balsam.