ALERANA® Shampoo PH-BALANCE moisturizing
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Active components
Specially tailored composition of ALERANA® shampoo provides mild cleaning and delicately supports physiological skin balance, improving nourishment of roots and stimulating hair growth

Recommended for delicate cleaning, normalization of balance and discomfort control for sensitive head skin 

  • provides long-term head skin moisturizing
  • alleviates and prevent damage of protective lipid layer
  • contributes to elimination of dryness, itch and irritation of sensitive head skin
  • improves nourishment of roots, stimulating hair growth
  • makes hair soft and silken
The shampoo contains 
  • plant-based hair growth stimulant with its effectiveness proven by clinical studies
  • components that provide soothing and softening effect on irritated head skin
  • components that provide long-term head skin moisturizing

Bottle, 250 ml


  • Procapil is a combination of vitaminized matricin, apigenin and oleanolic acid for hair strengthening and loss prevention. Procapil® intensifies blood microcirculation in head skin, improves hair root nourishment, stimulates cell metabolism in hair follicles, makes hair growth more active
*Procapil® is the property of Sederma, and it is used according to Sederma's permission
  • Xylitol + lactitol provide soothing, regenerating effect on sensitive, irritation-prone head skin. They prevent damage of skin lipid layer, making protective barrier functions of skin stronger. They provide long-term moisturizing effect. They contribute to elimination of discomfort, such as dryness, itch, irritation 
  • Provitamin B5 nourishes and softens head skin and hair. It normalizes metabolism, takes part in regeneration of skin cells and hair bulbs, and contributes to healthy hair growth.

Apply on wet hair, whip to foam, massage, and distribute throughout hair full length. Leave for 3 minutes, then wash off with warm water. To achieve maximum result, use shampoo regularly. Suitable for long-term application. After application, it is recommended to use ALERANA® rinser balsam or hair mask.